we had to overcome the perception that great coffee can’t come from a small machine while appealing to a younger audience


There's Always Room
For Great Coffee

To introduce Nespresso’s smallest, most visually versatile coffee machine, we captured the product in various environments that showed no matter how small or unusual the space, there was always room for great coffee. The content was then used in programmatic ad units that targeted different types of users.

We launched with content that showcased the machines in unexpected place.

The campaign went beyond digital with an experiential activation, the Vertuo POP Café. 

We brought the campaign into retail, with a complete design system for Nespresso’s 38 boutiques across America.

Nespresso Soho POP 1 0006
Nespresso Soho POP 1 0011


more machines sold than initially forecasted


number of assets deployed in three countries over a span of six weeks


higher engagement rate vs benchmark