we had to unpack the mystery of collagen with an educational and culturally relevant campaign that could adapt to 23 international markets


Global research showed a common insight: people go to extremes in order to look and feel good. So, we aimed to educate about how a simple scoop of Vital Proteins supports wellness and a youthful appearance. 


Renew From the Inside

Wellness and beauty solutions often focus on what we can do on the outside. Yet, the way to maintain better skin, hair and nails can be simply solved by replacing the proteins lost to aging. When you renew from the inside with Vital Proteins, you have a better shot at running headstrong into the things a life well-lived can offer.

We launched with a film that poked fun at health and beauty tricks. The video had to serve 24 markets in 16 languages, each with unique product labels, so we used custom AI  to make the process faster and more economical.

Roadside City Billboard PSD Mockup
Magazine Advertisement Mockup PSD2


international markets where this work will be seen by customers


languages the campaign has been translated to using AI


video assets created from one master using smart editing